• Using drones to map an area is cost effective, providing high quality data for use in numerous Geographical Information Systems (GIS), CAD software, planning and surveying tools.

    The data can provide Orthophotos and Orthomosaic images (rectified images to align with maps), 3D models as wireframe or textured, Digital Elevation Models and Digital Surface Models, and Contour Maps produced to exact requirements. The data can be exported into a wide range of formats for use in business.

  • The working height for drones is ideal for surveying, both using images and models or maps produced from photogrammetry. A range of views can be obtained, from large overviews to details of specific works or buildings, agricultural maps of crops and crop health, archaeological sites, and construction sites.

    Aerial Survey is useful for planning, monitoring environmental issues, site progress, 3D site models, roof inspection, building inspection, and accessing difficult or hazardous areas.

  • Aerial Photography or Drone Photography, allows a unique perspective on business premises, attractions, holiday cottages, hotels, parks, commercial premises, industrial sites, property developments, and many other applications.

    It will show your location in a wider context, and can show details of the facilities in one view.

    Aerial Photography is a powerful tool to capture the attention of prospective clients immediately.

Aerial Precision Ltd

Aerial Precision Ltd

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We can bring aerial mapping, aerial survey, and aerial photography to any location.

Based in South Wales we can easily cover Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, Swansea, West Wales, Mid Wales, Pembrokeshire, and Carmarthenshire. Services across the UK can be arranged.


We have a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority and full Public Liability Insurance.

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